Carbondale Illinois Restaurants

Ricky's Rover Rooter Roasters, located in the middle of the city, is a barbecue restaurant that is worth a visit. Everything on the menu is freshly baked and made from scratch, and on Tuesdays and Wednesdays there is a 10 percent discount on the main courses. This family - owned and operated - offers a menu that offers a fresh twist on traditional diner fare. There is also a selection of pastries, coffee and drinks to nurse your sweet teeth.

Fat Patties strives to offer you the highest quality, fresh meals you can get on a bun, with grass-fed beef, pork and a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits.

If you're looking for something that satisfies your sweet tooth for a latte or afternoon pick - me - see why Cristaudo's Salukis has been satisfying for over 40 years. For over 40 years, we have the best and freshest food in our hands in Carbondale, Illinois, and across the country.

Owner Melba Gastal recommends chicken marinated in lime, a little salt and fried with lots of garlic. Dinner is served with a wide selection of dishes, from burgers, sandwiches, salads, pasta, soups and more. My favourite dish is the classic Eggs Benedict, but owner Laura Harbaugh recommends the popular pan, which includes melted cheese, fried eggs, bacon, cheese sauce, eggs and bacon. For those with a sweet tooth, Harbaugh recommends French toast and for those without the bacon and cheese toast.

Local favorites include chicken and pork ribs, chicken wings, pork chops, burgers, salads, soups and more, as well as a variety of salads.

Even if you're not a vegetarian or vegan, CEO Elaine Ramsayer recommends a plate of biscuits and soy sauce. The breakfast, lunch and dinner menus include vegetables, but you can't go wrong with a hearty breakfast sandwich or side salad, and don't forget to get a glass of wine or beer and a cup of coffee or even a beer or two.

This European-style café is entering its 20th year and offers offerings aimed at both vegetarians and vegans. Pagliai is made from scratch according to family recipes and offers the whole family an atmosphere, whether you are a mum, dad or the Saluki clan. Besides the Barbecue Restaurant, the 17th Street Bar & Grill is also a Bar Pub, Bar Club and Tavern.

Look out for the weekly specials, which are closely guarded secrets and constantly changing. Visit the gift shop, spend time in the spacious café with friends and admire the masterful works of art created by local artists and craftsmen. Stay up to date with the news from Southern Illinois and follow the Daily Egyptian on Facebook and Twitter for up-to-the-minute updates on all things in Carbondale, Illinois.

As for Larry's Pit Bbq, it is located at the corner of 17th Street and St. Louis Avenue in Carbondale. As for Triple E, they are in the same building as Larry, just across the street from the Egyptian. For more information about the restaurant, please call the 17st Street Bar & Grill at 32 St., 618-684-3722 or visit the restaurant's website.

Located in the very center of Marion, it is the only restaurant in Carbondale with private parking. The hotel is located on the Marion Border on the corner of St. Louis Avenue and South Main Street in Marion.

Larry's Bbq Express, located at the corner of South Main Street and South St. Louis Avenue in Carbondale, is a barbecue restaurant well worth a visit. Porkee's Rib House is located 3 km from Herrin and is another barbecue restaurant worth a visit. Smoke & Smoke BBQ in downtown Herrins , it is an excellent barbecue area with a wide selection of ribs, chicken and pork ribs.

Although Sabor de Mel has only been open for two and a half years, it has already become a local favourite and can give you a taste of Brazil.

Pat's Bbq & Catering, not far from the center of Murphysboro, is another barbecue restaurant worth a visit. Rugged Cross BBQ is just a few blocks from my hometown of Carbondale, Illinois and is a really good barbecue restaurant. Bayou Bar & Grill, located on the outskirts of the city and opposite Pat's Bar and Grill, is also a Bar BBQ restaurant that is worth a visit, especially if you are in the area.

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